Multilingual Folk Tale Database


Folktales are, by their very nature, public domain: they are stories transmitted from generation to generation that grow and change over time. Nevertheless, written versions of fairytales are protected by copyright: the copyright of the initial story belongs to its author, and translations of these stories partially to the original author, and partially to the translator. Therefore, only those stories are accessible on this website for which the copyright of both the original and the translation has expired, or otherwise where permission has been given by the author and/or translator to reproduce the text here.

Texts from unknown sources

Most stories on this website are provided by users. Although users are asked to provide all relevant information concerning the story, this information is not always complete or correct. Therefore, stories are always screened when they are submitted, and if they do or seem to be in violation of copyright, they are not added to the database.

In case when no date for the text is given, but the text does appear in numerous sources without a date, the text is added under the assumption that the text is either public domain or no longer under copyright. In such cases, a footer is added to the text, acknowledging the fact that it cannot be guaranteed that the text is free of copyright.