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Κύων κρέας φέρουσα (Αἴσωπος)

Den hont ende den bene The Dog in the River
Esopet C. Smart
Middle Dutch English
Over I brugghe ghinc I hont, The churl that wants another's fare
Die I been droech in den mont. Deserves at least to lose his share.
Doen hi die scade int water sach As through the stream a Dog convey'd
Van den bene, hort wat hi plach. A piece of meat, he spied his shade
Hi snauwede omt stic van onder. In the clear mirror of the flood,
Dus wert hi van den bene sonder. And thinking it was flesh and blood,
Dese favele es gheseit van dien, Snapp'd to deprive him of the treat:-
Die al willen hebben, dat si sien. But mark the glutton's self-defeat,
Die emmer anders goet begaren, Miss'd both another's and his own,
Onblide worden si van den haren. Both shade and substance, beef and bone.

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