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Κόραξ καὶ ἀλώπηξ (Αἴσωπος)

The Fox and the Crow Azeria eta erroia
Vernon Jones unknown author
English Basque
A crow was sitting on a branch of a tree with a piece of cheese in her beak when a fox observed her and set his wits to work to discover some way of getting the cheese. Egun batean erroi bat arbola baten gainean zegoen eta gazta-zati goxo bat zuen mokoan.
Coming and standing under the tree he looked up and said, "What a noble bird I see above me! Bat-batean azeri bat agertu zen eta, gazta ikusi ondoren, oso azkar erroiari esan zion: “ Egun on, erroia!
Her beauty is without equal, the hue of her plumage exquisite. Zein polita zaren!
If only her voice is as sweet as her looks are fair, she ought without doubt to be queen of the birds." Bai polit abesten duzula!
The crow was hugely flattered by this, and just to show the fox that she could sing she gave a loud caw. Oso pozik, erroia abesten hasi zen eta orduan gazta lurrera erori zitzaion.
Down came the cheese, of course, and the fox, snatching it up, said, "You have a voice, madam, I see. Momentu hartan, azeriak gazta hartu zuen eta joan egin zen.
What you want is wits." Erroiak oso haserre zin egin zuen: “ Hemendik aurrera ez dut inoiz abestuko”.

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