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Der Wolf und die sieben jungen Geisslein (Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm)

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids 狼と七匹の子山羊
Margaret Hunt unknown author
English Japanese

There was once an old goat who had seven little ones, and was as fond of them as ever mother was of her children. One day she had to go into the wood to fetch food for them, so she called them all round her. "Dear children," said she, "I am going out into the wood; and while I am gone, be on your guard against the wolf, for if he were once to get inside he would eat you up, skin, bones, and all. The wretch often disguises himself, but he may always be known by his hoarse voice and black paws." - "Dear mother," answered the kids, "you need not be afraid, we will take good care of ourselves." And the mother bleated good-bye, and went on her way with an easy mind.

It was not long before some one came knocking at the house-door, and crying out: "Open the door, my dear children, your mother is come back, and has brought each of you something." But the little kids knew it was the wolf by the hoarse voice. "We will not open the door," cried they; "you are not our mother, she has a delicate and sweet voice, and your voice is hoarse; you must be the wolf." Then off went the wolf to a shop and bought a big lump of chalk, and ate it up to make his voice soft. And then he came back, knocked at the house-door, and cried: "Open the door, my dear children, your mother is here, and has brought each of you something." But the wolf had put up his black paws against the window, and the kids seeing this, cried out, "We will not open the door; our mother has no black paws like you; you must be the wolf." The wolf then ran to a baker. "Baker," said he, "I am hurt in the foot; pray spread some dough over the place." And when the baker had plastered his feet, he ran to the miller. "Miller," said he, "strew me some white meal over my paws." But the miller refused, thinking the wolf must be meaning harm to some one. "If you don't do it," cried the wolf, "I'll eat you up!" And the miller was afraid and did as he was told. And that just shows what men are.

And now came the rogue the third time to the door and knocked. "Open, children!" cried he. "Your dear mother has come home, and brought you each something from the wood." - "First show us your paws," said the kids, "so that we may know if you are really our mother or not." And he put up his paws against the window, and when they saw that they were white, all seemed right, and they opened the door. And when he was inside they saw it was the wolf, and they were terrified and tried to hide themselves. One ran under the table, the second got into the bed, the third into the oven, the fourth in the kitchen, the fifth in the cupboard, the sixth under the sink, the seventh in the clock-case. But the wolf found them all, and gave them short shrift; one after the other he swallowed down, all but the youngest, who was hid in the clock-case. And so the wolf, having got what he wanted, strolled forth into the green meadows, and laying himself down under a tree, he fell asleep.

Not long after, the mother goat came back from the wood; and, oh! what a sight met her eyes! the door was standing wide open, table, chairs, and stools, all thrown about, dishes broken, quilt and pillows torn off the bed. She sought her children, they were nowhere to be found. She called to each of them by name, but nobody answered, until she came to the name of the youngest. "Here I am, mother," a little voice cried, "here, in the clock case." And so she helped him out, and heard how the wolf had come, and eaten all the rest. And you may think how she cried for the loss of her dear children.

At last in her grief she wandered out of doors, and the youngest kid with her; and when they came into the meadow, there they saw the wolf lying under a tree, and snoring so that the branches shook. The mother goat looked at him carefully on all sides and she noticed how something inside his body was moving and struggling. Dear me! thought she, can it be that my poor children that he devoured for his evening meal are still alive? And she sent the little kid back to the house for a pair of shears, and needle, and thread. Then she cut the wolf's body open, and no sooner had she made one snip than out came the head of one of the kids, and then another snip, and then one after the other the six little kids all jumped out alive and well, for in his greediness the rogue had swallowed them down whole. How delightful this was! so they comforted their dear mother and hopped about like tailors at a wedding. "Now fetch some good hard stones," said the mother, "and we will fill his body with them, as he lies asleep." And so they fetched some in all haste, and put them inside him, and the mother sewed him up so quickly again that he was none the wiser.

When the wolf at last awoke, and got up, the stones inside him made him feel very thirsty, and as he was going to the brook to drink, they struck and rattled one against another. And so he cried out:

"What is this I feel inside me

Knocking hard against my bones?

How should such a thing betide me!

They were kids, and now they're stones."

So he came to the brook, and stooped to drink, but the heavy stones weighed him down, so he fell over into the water and was drowned. And when the seven little kids saw it they came up running. "The wolf is dead, the wolf is dead!" they cried, and taking hands, they danced with their mother all about the place.

むかしむかし、あるところに、優しいお母さんヤギと、七匹の子ヤギたちが住んでいました。  ある日の事、お母さんヤギが言いました。 「お前たち。  お母さんは用事で出かけてくるから、ちゃんと留守番をしているのですよ。  それから最近は悪いオオカミが出るというから、用心するのですよ」 「お母さん、オオカミって、怖いの?」 「そうですよ。何しろオオカミは、ヤギを食べてしまうのだから」 「あーん、怖いよー」 「大丈夫。家の中にいれば安全ですよ。  ただオオカミは悪賢いから、お母さんのふりをしてやって来るかもしれないわ。  オオカミはガラガラ声で黒い足をしているから、そんなのがお母さんのふりをしてやって来ても、決して家の中に入れてはいけませんよ」 「はーい、わかりました。では、いってらっしゃい」  子ヤギたちはお母さんヤギを見送ると、玄関(げんかん)のドアにカギをかけました。

 さてしばらくするとオオカミがやって来て、玄関の戸を叩いて言いました。 「坊やたち、開けておくれ、お母さんだよ」  すると、子ヤギたちが言いました。 「うそだい! お母さんは、そんなガラガラ声じゃないよ」 「そうだ、そうだ。お前はオオカミだろう!」 (ちっ、声でばれたか)  そこでオオカミは薬屋に行くと、声がきれいになるというチョークを食べて、またやって来ました。 「坊やたち、開けておくれ、お母さんだよ」 「あっ、お母さんの声だ」  子ヤギたちは玄関にかけよりましたが、ドアのすき間から見えている足がまっ黒です。 「お母さんは、そんな黒い足じゃないよ」 「そうだ、そうだ。お前はオオカミだろう!」 (ちっ、足の色でばれたか)  そこでオオカミはパン屋に行くと、店の主人を脅かして、小麦粉(こむぎこ)で足を白くさせました。

「坊やたち、開けておくれ、お母さんだよ」  声もお母さんで、ドアのすき間から見える足もまっ白です。 「わーい、お母さん、お帰りなさい」  子ヤギたちがドアを開けると、オオカミが飛び込んできました。 「ウワォー、なんてうまそうな子ヤギだ」  みんなはびっくりして、急いで隠れました。  一匹目は、机の下。  二匹目は、ベットの中。  三匹目は、火の入ってないストーブの中。  四匹目は、台所の戸だなの中。  五匹目は、洋服ダンスの中。  六匹目は、洗濯おけの中。  七匹目は、大きな時計の中です。 「グフフフ。どこに隠れても無駄だぞ。みんな探して食ってやる」  オオカミは次から次へと子ヤギを見つけると、パクリパクリと飲み込んでしまいました。 「フーッ。うまかった。さすがに六匹も食べると、お腹が一杯だわい」  お腹が一杯になったオオカミは草原の木の下で横になると、グーグーと昼寝を始めました。  それから間もなく、お母さんヤギが家に帰ってきましたが、荒らされた家の中を見てびっくりです。  お母さんヤギは子どもたちの名前を次々に呼びましたが、返事はありません。  でも、最後に末っ子の名前を呼ぶと、末っ子の子ヤギが返事をしました。 「お母さん、ここだよ」  末っ子は大きな時計の中に隠れていて、無事だったのです。  末っ子から話を聞いたお母さんヤギは、おんおんと泣き出しました。  そして泣きながら外へ出て行くと、オオカミがすごいいびきをかいて寝ているではありませんか。  そしてその大きくふくれたお腹が、ヒクヒク、モコモコと動いています。 「もしかして、子どもたちはまだ生きているのかも」  そこでお母さんヤギは末っ子にハサミと針と糸を持ってこさせると、ハサミでオオカミのお腹を切ってみました。  すると、どうでしょう。  子ヤギたちが一匹、二匹と、みんな元気に飛び出して来たのです。 「わーい、お母さんだ。お母さんが助けてくれたんだ!」  子ヤギたちはお母さんヤギに抱きついて、ピョンピョンと飛び上がって喜びました。  お母さんヤギも、大喜びです。  でも、すぐに子ヤギたちに言いました。 「お前たち、すぐに小石を集めておいで。この悪いオオカミに、お仕置きをしなくてはね」  そして空っぽになったオオカミのお腹の中に、みんなで小石をつめ込むと、お母さんヤギが針と糸でチクチクとぬい合わせてしまいました。  さて、それからしばらくたったあと、やっと目を覚ましたオオカミは、のどが渇いて近くの泉に行きました。 「ああ、お腹が重い。少し食べ過ぎたかな?」  そしてオオカミが泉の水を飲もうとしたとたん、お腹の石の重さにバランスをくずして、オオカミはそのまま泉にドボンと落ちてしまいました。 「わぁ、わぁ、助けてくれー! おれは泳げないんだ! 誰か助けてくれー!」   オオカミは大声で助けを呼びましたが、嫌われ者のオオカミは誰にも助けてもらえず、そのまま泉の底に沈んでしまいました。

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