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Ἀλώπηξ κολουρός (Αἴσωπος)

The Fox Who Had Lost His Tail Yn Shynnagh fegooish e Amman
George Fyler Townsend Edward Faragher
English Manx
A FOX caught in a trap escaped, but in so doing lost his tail. Thereafter, feeling his life a burden from the shame and ridicule to which he was exposed, he schemed to convince all the other Foxes that being tailless was much more attractive, thus making up for his own deprivation. He assembled a good many Foxes and publicly advised them to cut off their tails, saying that they would not only look much better without them, but that they would get rid of the weight of the brush, which was a very great inconvenience. One of them interrupting him said, "If you had not yourself lost your tail, my friend, you would not thus counsel us." Va shynnagh tayrit ayns ribbey, as ren eh scapail liorish coayl e amman. Ny lurg shen gennaghtyn e vioys myr laad da liorish yn oltooan as nearey v'eh taghyrt rish, v'eh resooney rish eh hene son saase dy chur lesh ooilley ny shynnee gys yn un stayd rish eh hene, dy voddagh eh ny share keiltyn yn coayl echey hene. Ren eh chaglym earroo mooar dy hynnee as coyrlagh ad dy ghiarey ny fammanyn jeu, gra: "Nagh jinnagh ad ynrican jeeaghyn foddey share fegooish oc, agh dy beagh ad rey rish trimmid ny skeabanyn va feer neu-yesh daue." Ren fer jeu, scarrey eh, as dooyrt eh. "Mannagh row shiu hene er choayl dty amman, my charrey, cha jinnagh shiu, myr shoh, coyrlaghey shin."

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