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The Lion and the Shepherd (George Fyler Townsend)

Yn Lion as yn Vochilley The Lion and the Shepherd
Edward Faragher George Fyler Townsend
Manx English
Va lion rouail trooid keyll. Reh eh sthamp er jolg, as traa gherrid ny lurg shen haink eh gys bochilley, as ren eh sooree er, ymmiltee e amman myr dy row eh yeearree dy ghra: "Ta mish aghinagh as shirrey dty chooney." Ren yn vochilley shirrey son y jolg lesh dunnallys as tra ren eh geddyn eh, ghow eh cass y lion er e ught as hayrn eh yn jolg ass. Ren yn lion chyndaa reesht gys y cheyll. Lurg traa, va'n bochilley currit ayns prysoon er plaiynt foalsey, as deyrit "dy ve ceauit ayns ooig lion," myr kerraghey son yn loght va currit er. Tra va'n lion er ny lhiggey ass e ooig, ren eh cur enney er y vochilley dy ve yn dooiney ren lheihys eh, as, ayns ynnyd jeh grimmey eh, haink eh er-gerrey da as chur eh e chass er e ught. Tra ren yn ree clastyn jeh, ren eh goardrail yn lion dy ve soit ec rheamys reesht, as yn vochilley dy ve pardoonit, as currit thie reesht gys e chaarjin. A LION, roaming through a forest, trod upon a thorn. Soon afterward he came up to a Shepherd and fawned upon him, wagging his tail as if to say, 'I am a suppliant, and seek your aid.' The Shepherd boldly examined the beast, discovered the thorn, and placing his paw upon his lap, pulled it out; thus relieved of his pain, the Lion returned into the forest. Some time after, the Shepherd, being imprisoned on a false accusation, was condemned 'to be cast to the Lions' as the punishment for his imputed crime. But when the Lion was released from his cage, he recognized the Shepherd as the man who healed him, and instead of attacking him, approached and placed his foot upon his lap. The King, as soon as he heard the tale, ordered the Lion to be set free again in the forest, and the Shepherd to be pardoned and restored to his friends.

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