Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales


1-99 Wild Animals
1-69 The Clever Fox (Other Animal)
1The theft of fish
2How the bear lost his tail
3Sham Blood and Brains
4Carrying the Sham-Sick Trickster
5Biting the foot
7The calling of three tree names
8"Painting" on the Haycock
9The unjust partner
15Stealing the Partner's Butter
20Animals Eat One Another Up
21Eating his own Entrails
30The Fox Tricks the Wolf into Falling into a Pit
34The Wolf Dives into the Water for Reflected Cheese
36The Fox in Disguise Violates the She-Bear
37The fox as shepherd
38Claw in Split Tree
39The Bear Pulls Mountain Ashes apart so that the Fox's Old Mother can Get Berries
41The Wolf Overeats in the Cellar
43The Bear Builds a House of Wood; the Fox, of Ice
44The Oath on the Iron
49The bear and the honey
50Curing a Sick Lion
51The Lion's share
52The Ass without a Heart
53Reynard the Fox at Court
55The Animals Build a Road (Dig Well)
57Raven with a Cheese
58The Crocodile Carries the Jackal
59Fox and the Sour Grapes
60The Fox and the Crane Invites Each Other
61The Fox Persuades the Cock to Crow with Closed Eyes
62Peace Among the Animals – The Fox and the Cock
63The Fox (or Jackal) and the Fleas
64Tailless Fox Tries in Vain to Get Foxes to Cut off Tails
65Mrs. Fox's Suitors
68The Jackal Trapped in the Animal Hide
70-99 Other Wild Animals
70More cowardly than the hare
71Contest of Frost and the Hare
72The Rabbit Rides Fox A-Courting
73Blinding the Guard
75The Help of the Weak
76The Wolf and the Crane
77The Stag Admires Himself in a Spring
78Animal Allows himself to be Tied to Another for Safety
81Too cold for hare to build house in winter
85The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
90The Needle, the Glove, and the Squirrel
91The Heart of a Monkey
92The Lion in the Water
93The Master Taken Seriously
96When the hare was married
100-149 Wild Animals and Domestic Animals
100The Wolf as the Dog's Guest Sings
101The old dog rescues the child
102The Dog as Wolf's Shoemaker
103War between Wild Animals and Domestic Animals
104The Cowardly Duelers
105The fox and the cat
106The Animal's Conversation
107Dog Leader Fears Defeat Because his Forces are of Different Breeds.
110Belling the Cat
111The Cat and the Mouse Converse
112Town Mouse and Country Mouse
113Mice Choose Cat as King
114Chanticleer Believes that his Crowing Makes the Sun Rise
115The Hungry Fox Waits in Vain for the Horse's Lips (Scrotum) to Fall Off
116The Bear on the Hay-Wagon
118The Lion Frightened by the Horse
120The First to See the Sunrise
121Wolves Climb on Top of One Another to Tree
122The Wolf Loses His Prey
123The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
124The Three Little Pigs
125The Wolf Flees from the Wolf-head
130Outcast Animals Find a New Home
131Tiger as False Friend to the Cow
132Goat Admires his Horns in the Water
136Wolf Surprises Pig in Apple Tree
137The Filthy Hog and the Clean Fish
150-199 Wild Animals and Humans
150The Bird's Three Precepts
151Music lessons for wild animals
153The Gelding of the Bear and the Fetching of Salve
154The Jackal and the Farmer
155Ingratitude Is the World's Reward
156Androcles and the Lion
157Learning to Fear Men
158The wild animals on the sleigh
159Captured wild animals ransom themselves
160Grateful Animals ; Ungrateful Man
161Peasant Betrays Fox by Pointing
163The singing wolf
165The wolf in the company of saints
168The musician in the wolf-trap
170The fox eats his fellow-lodger
171The Three Bears
173Man and animals readjust span of life
175The Tarbaby and the Rabbit
176The farmer tricks the jackals
178The Faithful Animal Rashly Killed
179What the bear whispered in his ear
180The rebounding bow
182The helpful animal and the snake
200-219 Domestic Animals
200The Dogs Certificate
201The Lean Dog Prefers Liberty to Abundant Food and a Chain
204Sheep, duck and cock in peril at sea
206Straw Threshed a second Time
207Rebellion of the Work Animals
210The Traveling Animals and the Wicked Man
211The hog who was so tired of his daily food
212The Lying Goat
214Ass Tries to caress his Master like a Dog
217The Cat and the Candle
220-299 Other Animals and Objects
220The Council of Birds
221The Election of Bird-King
222The Willow-Wren and the Bear
223The Bird and the Jackal
224Wedding of the Turkey and the Peacock
225The Tortoise That Wanted to Fly
226The Goose Teaches the Fox to Swim
227The geese's eternal prayer
228The Titmouse Tries to be as Big as a Bear
229The Hawk Frightened at the Snipe's Bill
230The Rearing of the Large-headed and Large-eyed Bird
231The Heron (Crane) Transports the Fish
232The Heathcock and the Birds of Passage
234The Nightingale and the Blindworm
235The Jay Borrows the Cuckoo's Skin
236Imitating bird sounds,
237The Parrot That Talked Too Much
238The Keen Sight of the Dove and the Keen Hearing of the Frog
239The Crow Helps the Deer Escape from the Snare
241The Officious Bird and the Monkey
242The Frog Enticed out of his Hole
243The Parrot Pretends to be God
244Peacock Plumes
245Tame Bird and Wild Bird
246The Hunter Bends the Bow
247Every Mother Thinks Her Child Is the Most Beautiful
248The Dog and the Sparrow
250Swimming Match of the Fish
252The Pike and the Snake Race to Land
253The Fish in the Net
275The Race of the Fox and the Crayfish
278Rat and Frog Tie Paws Together
280The Ant Carries a Load as Large as Himself
283Spider Invites Fly to Rest on her Curtain
285The child and the snake
289Bat, Diver, and Thornbush Shipwrecked
291Deceptive Tug-of-war
292Ass Tries to Get a Cricket's Voice
293Debate of the Belly and the Members
294The Months and the Seasons
295The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean
298Wind and sun

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