Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales


1000-1029 Labor Contract
1000Bargain not to become angry
1001Cutting Wood
1002Dissipation of the ogre's property
1004Hogs in the mud; sheep in the air
1005Building a bridge . . .
1006Casting eyes
1008Lighting the Road
1009Guarding the Store-room Door
1010Repairing the House
1011Tearing up the Orchard or Vineyard
1012Cleaning the child
1013Bathing or Warming Grandmother/ Ogres Wife Burned in his Own Oven
1014Closing the Door Thight
1015Whetting the Knife
1016Cleaning the Horse
1029The woman as cuckoo in the tree
1030-1059 Partnership between Man and Ogre
1030Man and ogre share the harvest
1031Granary roof used as threshing flail
1035Clearing out Manure
1045Pulling the Lake Together
1046Threat to Haul away the Warehouse
1048Buying Wood
1049The heavy axe
1050Felling trees
1051Springing with a Bent Tree
1052A Contest in Carrying a Tree
1053Shooting Wild Boars
1060-1114 Contest between Man and Ogre
1060Squeezing Water from a Stone
1061Biting the Stone
1062A Contest in Throwing Stones
1063Throwing contest with the golden club
1064Making Fire by Stamping on Ground
1066The Hanging Game
1070Wrestling Contest: Looks Where to Throw him
1071Wrestling Contest (with Old Grandfather)
1072Race with Little Son
1073Climbing Contest
1082Carrying the Horse
1083Duel with Long Poles or Cudgels
1084Contest in shrieking or whistling
1085Pushing a hole into a tree
1086Jumping into the Ground
1087Rowing contest
1088Eating contest
1090Mowing Contest
1091Who Can Bring an Unheard-of Riding-Horse
1093Contest in words
1095Contest in Scratching Each Other with the Nails
1096The tailor and the ogre in a sewing contest
1097The Ice Mill
1115-1144 Man Kills (Injures) Ogre
1115Attempting to Kill the Hero in His Bed
1116Attempt at burning
1117The ogre's pitfall
1119Ogres Kill Their Own Children
1122Ogre's wife killed through other tricks
1130Counting out Pay
1131The hot porridge in the ogre's throat
1132Flight of the Ogre with his Goods in the Bag
1133Making the ogre strong (by castration)
1137Self Did It
1138Gilding the Beard
1142Hot Tin under the Tail of the Ogre's Horse
1145-1154 Ogre Frightened by Man
1145The Ogre Afraid of what Rustles and Rattles
1147Thunder the Rolling of his Brother's Wagon
1151Big Shoes in Front of the Barn
1152The Ogre Overawed by Displaying Objects
1153Wages: as much as he can carry
1154The Man Who Falls From the Tree and the Demons
1155-1169 Man Outwits the Devil
1155"A Peck of Grain for Each Stack."
1157The gun as tobacco pipe
1158The ogre wants to look through the gun barrel in the smithy
1159The Ogre Wants to Learn to Play
1160The ogre in the haunted castle. Beard caught fast
1161The Bear Trainer and His Cat
1162The Iron Man and the Ogre
1163The Ogre Teaches the Smith how to Use Sand in Forging Iron
1164The evil woman thrown into the pit
1165The troll and the christening
1169Changing Heads wih the Devil
1170-1199 Souls Saved from the Devil
1170The Evil Woman in the Glass Case as Last Commodity
1171A Rabbit in Each Net
1175Straightening a Curly Hair
1178The Devil Outriddled
1179The ogre on the ship
1180Catching Water in a Sieve
1181Sticks from the Body
1182The Level Bushel
1183Washing Black Cloth White: Task for Devil
1184The Last Leaf
1185The First Crop
1186With his whole heart
1188"Come Tomorrow."
1191Devil's Bridge
1199The Lord's Prayer

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