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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

1200-1349: Stories about a Fool

1200-1349 Stories about a Fool
1200The Sowing of Salt
1201The plowing
1202The Grain Harvesting
1203The Scythe Cuts one Man's Head off
1204Fool Keeps Repeating his Instructions so as to remember them
1211The Peasant Woman Thinks the Cow Chewing her Cud is Mimicking Her
1212The Horse is Drawn across the Ice
1213The Pent Cuckoo
1214The Persuavive Auctioner
1215The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey
1218Numskull Sits on Eggs to Finish Hatching
1225The man without a head in the bear's den
1226The Rabbit Catch
1227One woman to catch the squirrel; the other to get the cooking pot
1228Shooting with a Gun
1229If the Wolf's Tail Breaks
1231The Actack on the Hare (Crayfish)
1238The Roof in Good and Bad Weather
1240Man sitting on branch of tree cuts it off
1241The tree is to be pulled down
1242Loading the wood
1243The wood is carried down the hill
1245Sunlight carried in a bag into the windowless house
1246The Axes Thrown Away
1247The Man Sticks his Head into the Hole of the Millstone
1249Oxen Hitched Before and Behind Wagon
1250Bringing Water from the Well
1255A hole to throw the earth in
1260The porridge in the ice hole
1260Jumping into the sea for fish
1261The Slaughter of the Ox
1263The Porridge Eaten in Different Rooms
1270The Drying of the Candle
1276Rowing without going forward
1277The Boat Gets Tired
1278Marking the place on the boat
1279Protected by the Needle
1280The Needle (or the like) Falls into the Sea
1281Burning the Barn to Destroy an Unknown Animal
1285Pulling on the shirt
1286Jumping into the Breeches
1287Numskull unable to count their own number
1288'These are not my feet'
1290Swimming in the Flax-field
1291Sending One Cheese After Another
1293Numskull Stays until he has Finished
1294Getting the Calf's Head out of the Pot
1295The Seventh Cake Satisfies
1296Fool's Errand
1309Choosing the Clean Figs
1310Drowning the crayfish as punishment
1311The Wolf Taken for a Colt
1313The Man who Thought Himself Dead
1314The Buttercask Taken for a Dead Man
1315The Big Tree Taken for a Snake
1316Rabbit Thought to be a Cow
1317Blind Man and Elephant
1319Other mistaken identities
1321Fools frightened
1326Moving the church
1327Emptying the Meal Sack
1330Quenching the Burning Boat
1331The Covetous and the Envious
1333The Shepherd who Cried "Wolf!" too often
1334The Local Moon
1335The Eaten Moon
1336Diving for Cheese
1341Fools Warn Thief what Not to Steal
1342Hot and Cold with the Same Breath
1343Hanging Game
1344Lighting a Fire from the Sparks from a Box on the Ear
1347Living Crucifix Chosen
1348The Imaginative Boy

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