Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales


1200-1349 Stories about a Fool
1200The Sowing of Salt
1201The plowing
1202The Grain Harvesting
1203The Scythe Cuts one Man's Head off
1204Fool Keeps Repeating his Instructions so as to remember them
1211The Peasant Woman Thinks the Cow Chewing her Cud is Mimicking Her
1212The Horse is Drawn across the Ice
1213The Pent Cuckoo
1214The Persuavive Auctioner
1215The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey
1218Numskull Sits on Eggs to Finish Hatching
1225The man without a head in the bear's den
1226The Rabbit Catch
1227One woman to catch the squirrel; the other to get the cooking pot
1228Shooting with a Gun
1229If the Wolf's Tail Breaks
1231The Actack on the Hare (Crayfish)
1238The Roof in Good and Bad Weather
1240Man sitting on branch of tree cuts it off
1241The tree is to be pulled down
1242Loading the wood
1243The wood is carried down the hill
1245Sunlight carried in a bag into the windowless house
1246The Axes Thrown Away
1247The Man Sticks his Head into the Hole of the Millstone
1249Oxen Hitched Before and Behind Wagon
1250Bringing Water from the Well
1255A hole to throw the earth in
1260The porridge in the ice hole
1260Jumping into the sea for fish
1261The Slaughter of the Ox
1263The Porridge Eaten in Different Rooms
1270The Drying of the Candle
1276Rowing without going forward
1277The Boat Gets Tired
1278Marking the place on the boat
1279Protected by the Needle
1280The Needle (or the like) Falls into the Sea
1281Burning the Barn to Destroy an Unknown Animal
1285Pulling on the shirt
1286Jumping into the Breeches
1287Numskull unable to count their own number
1288'These are not my feet'
1290Swimming in the Flax-field
1291Sending One Cheese After Another
1293Numskull Stays until he has Finished
1294Getting the Calf's Head out of the Pot
1295The Seventh Cake Satisfies
1296Fool's Errand
1309Choosing the Clean Figs
1310Drowning the crayfish as punishment
1311The Wolf Taken for a Colt
1313The Man who Thought Himself Dead
1314The Buttercask Taken for a Dead Man
1315The Big Tree Taken for a Snake
1316Rabbit Thought to be a Cow
1317Blind Man and Elephant
1319Other mistaken identities
1321Fools frightened
1326Moving the church
1327Emptying the Meal Sack
1330Quenching the Burning Boat
1331The Covetous and the Envious
1333The Shepherd who Cried "Wolf!" too often
1334The Local Moon
1335The Eaten Moon
1336Diving for Cheese
1341Fools Warn Thief what Not to Steal
1342Hot and Cold with the Same Breath
1343Hanging Game
1344Lighting a Fire from the Sparks from a Box on the Ear
1347Living Crucifix Chosen
1348The Imaginative Boy
1350-1439 Stories about Married Couples
1350The loving wife
1351The silence wager
1352The Devil Guards the Wife's Chastity
1353The old woman as troublemaker
1354Death for the Old Couple
1358Trickster Surprises Adulteress and Lover
1360The Man Hidden in the Roof
1361The Flood
1362The Snow-child
1363Tale of the Craddle
1364The Blood-brother's Wife
1365The obstinate wife
1367Trickster Shifts Married Couples in Bed
1372The Box on the Ears
1373The Weighed Cat
1377An Adulterous Wife Locks Her Husband Out of Doors
1378The Marked Coat in the Wife's Room
1380-1404 The Foolish Wife and Her Husband
1380The faithless wife
1381The talkative wife and the discovered treasure
1382The Peasant Woman at Market
1383A Woman Does Not Know Herself
1384The husband hunts for three persons as stupid as his wife
1385A Woman Loses Her Husband's Money
1386Meat as food for cabbage
1387A Woman Draws Beer in the Cellar
1391Every hole to tell the truth
1393The Single Blanket
1405-1429 The Foolish Husband and His Wife
1405The Lazy Spinner
1406The merry wives wager . . .
1407The Miser
1408The man who does his wife's work
1410Four Men's Mistress
1415Trading Away One's Fortune
1416The mouse in the silver jug. The new Eve
1417The Cutt-off Nose (Hair)
1418The Equivocal Oath
1422The Parrot and the Adulterous Woman
1423The Enchanted Pear Tree
1425Putting the Devil into Hell
1430-1439 The Foolish Couple
1430Air Castles
1431The contagious yawns
1437A Sweet Word
1440-1524 Stories about a Woman
1440The tenant promises his daughter to his master against her will
1441Respite from Wooer while he Brings Clothes all Night
1447Drinking only after Bargain
1450-1474 Looking for a Wife
1450Clever Elsie
1451A suitor chooses the thrifty girl
1452Choosing a Bride by How She Cuts Cheese
1453Bride test: key in flax reveals laziness
1454The greedy fiancee
1455The Hard-hearted Fiancée
1456The blind fiancée
1457The lisping maiden
1458The girl who ate so little
1459Keeping up appearances
1461The girl with the ugly name
1462The unwilling suitor advised from the tree
1462Clean and tidy
1463Finger-drying Contest Won by Deception
1464Good housekeeping
1464Nothing to cook
1468Marrying a stranger
1475-1499 Jokes about Old Maids
1475Marriage Forbidden Outside the Parish
1476The Prayer for a Husband
1477The wolf steals the old maid
1478The Meal of Beans
1500-1524 Other Stories about Women
1501Aristoteles and Phyllis
1503The daughter-in-law and the real daughter
1511The Faithless Queen
1525-1724 Stories about a Man
1525-1639 The Clever Man
1525The master thief
1525The robber brothers
1526The Old Beggar and the Robbers
1527The Robbers are Betrayed
1528Holding Down the Hat
1529Thief Claims to have been Transformed into a Horse
1530Holding up the Rock
1531The Man Thinks he has Been in Heaven
1532The Voice from the Grave
1533The wise carving of the fowl
1535The Rich Peasant and the Poor Peasant
1537The corpse killed five times
1538The youth cheated in selling oxen
1539Cleverness and gullibility
1540The student from Paradise (Paris)
1541For the long winter
1542The clever boy
1543The man without a member
1544The man who got a night's lodging
1545The boy with many names
1548Stone Soup
1551The Wager that Sheep are Hogs
1553An Ox for Five Pennies
1555Milk in the Cask
1556The Double Pension (Burial Money)
1557Box on the Ear Returned
1558Welcome to the Clothes
1560Make-believe eating; make-believe work
1561The boy 'loses his sight'
1562"Think Thrice before you Speak."
1565Agreement Not to Scratch
1567Hungry Servant Reproaches Stingy Master
1568The master and the servant at the table
1573Inspecting the daughter
1574The flattering foreman
1577Blind Men Duped into Fighting: Money to be Devided
1579Carrying Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage across Stream
1586The Man in Court for Killing a Fly
1587Man Allowed to pick out Tree to be Hanged on
1589The Lawyer's Dog Steals Meat
1590The Tresspasser's Defence
1591The Three Joint Depositors
1592The Iron-eating Mice
1600The fool as murderer
1610To Divide Presents and Strokes
1611Contest in Climbing the Mast
1612The Contest in Swimming
1613"Playing-Cards are my Calendar and Prayerbook."
1615The Heller Thrown into Other's Money
1620The Emperor's New Clothes
1620The conversation of the one-eyed man and the hunchback
1624Thief's Excuse: the Big Wind
1626Dream Bread
1628The learned son and the forgotten language
1631Horse which will not Go over Trees
1635Eulenspiegel's tricks
1640-1674 Lucky Accidents
1640The Valiant Little Tailor
1641Doctor Know-all
1642The Good Bargain
1643The Broken Image
1645The Man Who Became Rich through a Dream
1650The Three Lucky Brothers
1651Whittington's cat
1652The Wolves in the Stable
1653The Robbers under the Tree
1655The profitable exchange
1660The Poor Man in Court
1661The Triple Tax
1663Deviding Five Eggs Equally between Two Men and One Woman
1675-1724 The Stupid Man
1675The ox (ass) as mayor
1678The boy who had never seen a woman
1681Foolish man builds aircastles
1682The groom teaches his horse to live without food
1685The Foolish Bridegroom
1687The forgotten word
1688The Servant to Improve on the Master's Statements
1689Thank God They Weren't Peaches
1691Don´t Eat too Greadly
1692The Stupid Thief
1693The Literal Fool - the Burning of Lanka
1694The Company to Sing like the Leader
1695The Fool Spoils the Work of the Shoemaker, the Tailor and the Smith
1696What Should I Have Said?
1697"We Three; For Money"
1699Misunderstanding Because of Ignorance of a Foreign Language
1700"I don't Know."
1701Echo answers
1702Anecdotes about Stutterers
1705Talking Horse and Dog
1707The Noseless Man
1718God can't take a joke
1725-1849 Jokes about Clergymen and Religious Figures
1725-1774 The Clergyman is Tricked
1725The foolish parson in the trunk
1730The entrapped suitors
1731The Youth and the Pretty Shoes
1735'Who gives his own goods shall receive it back tenfold'
1736The stingy parson
1737Trading Places with the Trickster in a Sack
1738The Dream: All Parsons in Hell
1739The parson and the calf
1740Candles on the Crayfish
1741Trickster Wives and Maids
1745Three words at the grave
1750The Parson's Stupid Wife
1775-1799 Clergyman and Sexton
1775The hungry parson
1776The sexton falls into the brewing-vat
1781Sexton's Own Wife Brings her Offering
1786The Parson in the Church on the Ox
1790The Parson and Sexton Steal a Cow
1791The sexton carries the parson
1792The stingy parson and the slaughtered pig
1800-1849 Other Jokes about Religious Figures
1800Stealing Only a Small Amount
1804Imagined penance for imagined sin
1804The eel filled with sand
1805Confessions of a Pious Woman
1806Will Lunch with Christ
1807The Equivocal Confession
1810Jokes about catechism
1812Wager: to Dance with Nun
1820Bride and Groom at Wedding Ceremony
1824Parody sermon
1826The Parson has no Need to Preach
1827You shall see me a little while longer
1829Living Person Acts as Image of Saint
1830In trial sermon the parson promises the laymen the kind of weather they want
1831The Parson and Sexton at Mass
1832The sermon about the rich man
1832Boy answers the priest
1833Application of the sermon
1833Other anecdotes of sermons
1834The clergyman with the fine voice
1835Not to turn round
1837The Parson to Let a Dove Fly in the Church
1838The hog in church
1840At the blessing of the grave the parson's ox breaks loose
1841Grace before meat
1842The Testament of the Dog
1843Parson visits the dying
1844The Parson Visits the Sick
1845The student as healer
1850-1874 Anecdotes about Other Groups of People
1851Jokes about Devout Women
1855Jokes about Jews
1875-1999 Tall Tales
1875The Boy on the Wolf's Tail
1876The Geese on the Line
1882The Man who Fell out of a Balloon
1886Man Drinks from own Skull
1890The lucky shot
1891The Great Rabbit-Catch
1892The Trained Horse Rolls in the Field
1894The man shoots a ramrod full of ducks
1895A man wading in water catching many fish in his boots
1896Hunting the wolves with rod and line
1911Cart as Legs
1913The Side-hill Beast
1916The Breathing Tree
1917The Stretching and Shrinking Harness
1920Contest in lying
1925Wishing contests
1927The Cold May Night
1931The woman who asked for news from home
1935Topsy-Turvy Land
1940The Extraordinary Names
1948Too much talk
1950The three lazy ones
1951Is Wood Split?
1961The big wedding
1965Lying tales

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