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1350-1439: Stories about Married Couples

1350-1439 Stories about Married Couples
1350The loving wife
1351The silence wager
1352The Devil Guards the Wife's Chastity
1353The old woman as troublemaker
1354Death for the Old Couple
1358Trickster Surprises Adulteress and Lover
1360The Man Hidden in the Roof
1361The Flood
1362The Snow-child
1363Tale of the Craddle
1364The Blood-brother's Wife
1365The obstinate wife
1367Trickster Shifts Married Couples in Bed
1372The Box on the Ears
1373The Weighed Cat
1377An Adulterous Wife Locks Her Husband Out of Doors
1378The Marked Coat in the Wife's Room
1380-1404 The Foolish Wife and Her Husband
1380The faithless wife
1381The talkative wife and the discovered treasure
1382The Peasant Woman at Market
1383A Woman Does Not Know Herself
1384The husband hunts for three persons as stupid as his wife
1385A Woman Loses Her Husband's Money
1386Meat as food for cabbage
1387A Woman Draws Beer in the Cellar
1391Every hole to tell the truth
1393The Single Blanket
1405-1429 The Foolish Husband and His Wife
1405The Lazy Spinner
1406The merry wives wager . . .
1407The Miser
1408The man who does his wife's work
1410Four Men's Mistress
1415Trading Away One's Fortune
1416The mouse in the silver jug. The new Eve
1417The Cutt-off Nose (Hair)
1418The Equivocal Oath
1422The Parrot and the Adulterous Woman
1423The Enchanted Pear Tree
1425Putting the Devil into Hell
1430-1439 The Foolish Couple
1430Air Castles
1431The contagious yawns
1437A Sweet Word

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