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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

1450-1474: Looking for a Wife

1450-1474 Looking for a Wife
1450Clever Elsie
1451A suitor chooses the thrifty girl
1452Choosing a Bride by How She Cuts Cheese
1453Bride test: key in flax reveals laziness
1454The greedy fiancee
1455The Hard-hearted Fiancée
1456The blind fiancée
1457The lisping maiden
1458The girl who ate so little
1459Keeping up appearances
1461The girl with the ugly name
1462The unwilling suitor advised from the tree
1462Clean and tidy
1463Finger-drying Contest Won by Deception
1464Good housekeeping
1464Nothing to cook
1468Marrying a stranger

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