Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

150-199: Wild Animals and Humans

150-199 Wild Animals and Humans
150The Bird's Three Precepts
151Music lessons for wild animals
153The Gelding of the Bear and the Fetching of Salve
154The Jackal and the Farmer
155Ingratitude Is the World's Reward
156Androcles and the Lion
157Learning to Fear Men
158The wild animals on the sleigh
159Captured wild animals ransom themselves
160Grateful Animals ; Ungrateful Man
161Peasant Betrays Fox by Pointing
163The singing wolf
165The wolf in the company of saints
168The musician in the wolf-trap
170The fox eats his fellow-lodger
171The Three Bears
173Man and animals readjust span of life
175The Tarbaby and the Rabbit
176The farmer tricks the jackals
178The Faithful Animal Rashly Killed
179What the bear whispered in his ear
180The rebounding bow
182The helpful animal and the snake

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