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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

1525-1724: Stories about a Man

1525-1724 Stories about a Man
1525-1639 The Clever Man
1525The master thief
1525The robber brothers
1526The Old Beggar and the Robbers
1527The Robbers are Betrayed
1528Holding Down the Hat
1529Thief Claims to have been Transformed into a Horse
1530Holding up the Rock
1531The Man Thinks he has Been in Heaven
1532The Voice from the Grave
1533The wise carving of the fowl
1535The Rich Peasant and the Poor Peasant
1537The corpse killed five times
1538The youth cheated in selling oxen
1539Cleverness and gullibility
1540The student from Paradise (Paris)
1541For the long winter
1542The clever boy
1543The man without a member
1544The man who got a night's lodging
1545The boy with many names
1548Stone Soup
1551The Wager that Sheep are Hogs
1553An Ox for Five Pennies
1555Milk in the Cask
1556The Double Pension (Burial Money)
1557Box on the Ear Returned
1558Welcome to the Clothes
1560Make-believe eating; make-believe work
1561The boy 'loses his sight'
1562"Think Thrice before you Speak."
1565Agreement Not to Scratch
1567Hungry Servant Reproaches Stingy Master
1568The master and the servant at the table
1573Inspecting the daughter
1574The flattering foreman
1577Blind Men Duped into Fighting: Money to be Devided
1579Carrying Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage across Stream
1586The Man in Court for Killing a Fly
1587Man Allowed to pick out Tree to be Hanged on
1589The Lawyer's Dog Steals Meat
1590The Tresspasser's Defence
1591The Three Joint Depositors
1592The Iron-eating Mice
1600The fool as murderer
1610To Divide Presents and Strokes
1611Contest in Climbing the Mast
1612The Contest in Swimming
1613"Playing-Cards are my Calendar and Prayerbook."
1615The Heller Thrown into Other's Money
1620The Emperor's New Clothes
1620The conversation of the one-eyed man and the hunchback
1624Thief's Excuse: the Big Wind
1626Dream Bread
1628The learned son and the forgotten language
1631Horse which will not Go over Trees
1635Eulenspiegel's tricks
1640-1674 Lucky Accidents
1640The Valiant Little Tailor
1641Doctor Know-all
1642The Good Bargain
1643The Broken Image
1645The Man Who Became Rich through a Dream
1650The Three Lucky Brothers
1651Whittington's cat
1652The Wolves in the Stable
1653The Robbers under the Tree
1655The profitable exchange
1660The Poor Man in Court
1661The Triple Tax
1663Deviding Five Eggs Equally between Two Men and One Woman
1675-1724 The Stupid Man
1675The ox (ass) as mayor
1678The boy who had never seen a woman
1681Foolish man builds aircastles
1682The groom teaches his horse to live without food
1685The Foolish Bridegroom
1687The forgotten word
1688The Servant to Improve on the Master's Statements
1689Thank God They Weren't Peaches
1691DonĀ“t Eat too Greadly
1692The Stupid Thief
1693The Literal Fool - the Burning of Lanka
1694The Company to Sing like the Leader
1695The Fool Spoils the Work of the Shoemaker, the Tailor and the Smith
1696What Should I Have Said?
1697"We Three; For Money"
1699Misunderstanding Because of Ignorance of a Foreign Language
1700"I don't Know."
1701Echo answers
1702Anecdotes about Stutterers
1705Talking Horse and Dog
1707The Noseless Man
1718God can't take a joke

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