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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

1675-1724: The Stupid Man

1675-1724 The Stupid Man
1675The ox (ass) as mayor
1678The boy who had never seen a woman
1681Foolish man builds aircastles
1682The groom teaches his horse to live without food
1685The Foolish Bridegroom
1687The forgotten word
1688The Servant to Improve on the Master's Statements
1689Thank God They Weren't Peaches
1691DonĀ“t Eat too Greadly
1692The Stupid Thief
1693The Literal Fool - the Burning of Lanka
1694The Company to Sing like the Leader
1695The Fool Spoils the Work of the Shoemaker, the Tailor and the Smith
1696What Should I Have Said?
1697"We Three; For Money"
1699Misunderstanding Because of Ignorance of a Foreign Language
1700"I don't Know."
1701Echo answers
1702Anecdotes about Stutterers
1705Talking Horse and Dog
1707The Noseless Man
1718God can't take a joke

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