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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

1875-1999: Tall Tales

1875-1999 Tall Tales
1875The Boy on the Wolf's Tail
1876The Geese on the Line
1882The Man who Fell out of a Balloon
1886Man Drinks from own Skull
1890The lucky shot
1891The Great Rabbit-Catch
1892The Trained Horse Rolls in the Field
1894The man shoots a ramrod full of ducks
1895A man wading in water catching many fish in his boots
1896Hunting the wolves with rod and line
1911Cart as Legs
1913The Side-hill Beast
1916The Breathing Tree
1917The Stretching and Shrinking Harness
1920Contest in lying
1925Wishing contests
1927The Cold May Night
1931The woman who asked for news from home
1935Topsy-Turvy Land
1940The Extraordinary Names
1948Too much talk
1950The three lazy ones
1951Is Wood Split?
1961The big wedding
1965Lying tales

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