Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

300-399: Supernatural Adversaries

300-399 Supernatural Adversaries
300The Dragon-Slayer
301The Three Kidnapped Princesses
302The Giant Without A Heart,
303The Twin Brothers,
304The Trained Hunter
305Dragon Blood as Cure
306The Twelve Dancing Princesses
307The Princess in the Shroud
311Rescue by the Sister
312The Bluebeard
313The Magic Flight
314The Golden-Haired
315The Treacherous Sister
316The Mermaid in the Pond
317The Princess and the Sky-tree
318The Batamärchen
321Won Back the Eyes from the Witch
322Magnet mountain attracts everything
325The Magician and his Apprentice,
326The Youth Who Wanted to Learn What Fear Is
327The Children and the Ogre
328The Treasures of the Giant
329Miss the Magic Mirror
330The Smith Outwits the Devil
331The Spirit in the Bottle
332Godfather Death
333Little Red Riding Hood
334In the Household of the Witch
335Death' Messengers
336Death washes his feet
360The Three Apprentices and the Devil
363The Vampire
365Specter Bridegrooms
366The Golden Arm

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