Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales


300-399 Supernatural Adversaries
300The Dragon-Slayer
301The Three Kidnapped Princesses
302The Giant Without A Heart,
303The Twin Brothers,
304The Trained Hunter
305Dragon Blood as Cure
306The Twelve Dancing Princesses
307The Princess in the Shroud
311Rescue by the Sister
312The Bluebeard
313The Magic Flight
314The Golden-Haired
315The Treacherous Sister
316The Mermaid in the Pond
317The Princess and the Sky-tree
318The Batamärchen
321Won Back the Eyes from the Witch
322Magnet mountain attracts everything
325The Magician and his Apprentice,
326The Youth Who Wanted to Learn What Fear Is
327The Children and the Ogre
328The Treasures of the Giant
329Miss the Magic Mirror
330The Smith Outwits the Devil
331The Spirit in the Bottle
332Godfather Death
333Little Red Riding Hood
334In the Household of the Witch
335Death' Messengers
336Death washes his feet
360The Three Apprentices and the Devil
363The Vampire
365Specter Bridegrooms
366The Golden Arm
400-459 Supernatural or Enchanted Wife (Husband) or Other Relative
400-424 Wife
400The Quest for a Lost Bride
401The Princess Transformed into a Deer
402The Animal Bride
403The White and the Black Bride
405Jorinde and Joringel
407The Flower Girl
408The Three Lemons
409The Girl in the Form of a Wolf
410The Sleeping Beauty
411The King and the Lamia
413Marriage by Stealing Clothing
424The Youth Wed to a She-Devil
425-449 Husband
425The Search for the Lost Husband
426Snow White and Rose Red
428The Wolf
430Prince Donkey
431The Waldhaus
432The Bird Lover
434The Stolen Mirror.
437The Supplanted Bride (The Needle Prince)
440The Frog King
441In Enchanted Skin
442The Old Woman in the Wood
449The Tsars Dog – Sidi Numan
450-459 Brother or Sister
450Brother and Sister
451The Nurse looking for her Brothers,
452The Maiden Who Seeks her Brother
453The Maiden Who Seeks her Brother
459The Make-Believe Son (Daughter)
460-499 Supernatural Tasks
461Three Hairs of the Devil
462The Outcast Queens and the Ogress Queen
463The Witch in the Stone Boat
465Man persecuted for his beautiful wife
466A Journey to the Other World
468The Towering Tree
470Friends in Life and Death
471The Bridge to Another World
475The Man as Heater of Hells Kettle
476Midwife (or Godparent, or Nurse) for the Elves
480The Kind and the Unkind Girls
485Borma Jarizhka
500-559 Supernatural Helpers
501The Three Spinners
502The Wild Man
503Helpful Elves
505Grateful dead
506The Rescued Princess
507The Mistress of the Monster
508The Bride Won in a Tournement
510Cinderella and Cap o' Rushes
511One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes
513The Extraordinary Companions
514The Shift of Sex
515The Shepherd
516The Petrified Friend
517The Boy and the Bird-language
518Big Fight over Magic Things
530The Glass Mountain
531Faithful Ferdinand
532The Speaking Horsehead
533Repressed Bride
534The Youth Who Tends the Buffalo Herd
535The Boy Adopted by Tigers (Animals)
537The Flight with the Eagle
540The Dog in the Sea
545The Cat as Helper
546The Clever Parrot
550The Golden Bird
551The Water of Life
552Animals and In-laws
553The Bird as a Helper
554The Grateful Animals
555The Fisherman and his Wife,
559The Princess’ Laugh
560-649 Magic Objects
560The Magic Ring
562The Spirit in the Blue Light
563Three Magic Gifts
564The Two Marvelous Pitchers
565The Magic Mill
567The Magic Bird Heart
569The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn
570Bunnies Beware of the King
571The Golden Goose
572The Barking Dog's Head
575The Wings of the Prince
577The Order of the King
580Favor of Women
581The Magic Object and the Trolls
585Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle
590The Prince and the Bracelets
591The Thieving Pot
592The Dance Among Thorns
610The Healing Fruit
611True Love
612The Three Snake-Leaves
613The Two Travelers: Truth and Falsehood
620The Presents
621The Louse-Skin
622The Talking Bed-Legs
650-699 Supernatural Power or Knowledge
650Strong John
652The Boy Whose Wishes Always Come True
653The Skillful Brothers
654The Three Brothers
655The Wise Brothers
660The Three Doctors
665The Man in Three Animal Forms
667The Boy in Animal Form
670The Language of Animals
671The Three Languages
673The White Snake
674Incest Averted - Talking Animals
675The Wish-Fish
676Open Sesame!
677"Iron Is More Precious than Gold"
678The King Transfers his Soul to a Parrot
681King in the Bath; Years of Experience
700-749 Other Tales of the Supernatural
700Tom Thumb
701The Giant's Toy
703Snow Maiden
704The Princess and the Pea
705Born of a Fish
706The Girl Without Hands
707The Bird of Truth
708The Miraculous Child
709Snow White
710The Black Madonna
711The Twin Sisters
713The Mother Who Did Not Bear Me But Nourished Me
717Meat Stolen for Poor Turns to Roses
720From the Juniper Tree
722The Brother Married the Sister
725The Dream
726The Oldest on the Farm
729The Axe Falls into the Stream
735The Rich Man's and the Poors Man's Fortune
736Luck and Wealth
737Who Will be her Future Husband
738The Battle of Serpents
740The Brother to Hang Himself
746Floating Stone
748Queen Jelaous of Peasant Couple

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