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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

700-749: Other Tales of the Supernatural

700-749 Other Tales of the Supernatural
700Tom Thumb
701The Giant's Toy
703Snow Maiden
704The Princess and the Pea
705Born of a Fish
706The Girl Without Hands
707The Bird of Truth
708The Miraculous Child
709Snow White
710The Black Madonna
711The Twin Sisters
713The Mother Who Did Not Bear Me But Nourished Me
717Meat Stolen for Poor Turns to Roses
720From the Juniper Tree
722The Brother Married the Sister
725The Dream
726The Oldest on the Farm
729The Axe Falls into the Stream
735The Rich Man's and the Poors Man's Fortune
736Luck and Wealth
737Who Will be her Future Husband
738The Battle of Serpents
740The Brother to Hang Himself
746Floating Stone
748Queen Jelaous of Peasant Couple

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