Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

750-779: God Rewards and Punishes

750-779 God Rewards and Punishes
751The Greedy Peasant Woman
753Christ and the smith
755Sin and grace
756Forgiveness and Redemption
758The various children of Eve
759Gods Justice Vindicated – The Angel and the Hermit
760The Unquiet Grave
762Woman with three hundred and sixty-five children
763Treasure Finders Murder One Another
764The Devil's Son as a Priest
766The seven sleepers
767Food for the Crucifix
768St Christopher and the Christ child
769A Child Returns from the Dead
770The Nun Who Saw the World
774Jests About Christ and Peter
777The wandering Jew
778To Sacrifice a Giant Candle
779Divine rewards and punishments

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