Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales


850-869 The Man Marries the Princess
850The Moles of the Princess
851The Riddle of the Suitor
852That is a lie!
853Contest in Repartee
854The golden ram
855The Substitute Bridegroom
856The Girl Elopes with the Wrong Man
858When the King Sneezes the Shephard Refuses to Cry "God Bless You!"
859The Penniless Bridegroom Pretends to Wealth
860Nuts of "Ay ay ay!"
861Sleeping at the Rendezvous
862"He that Asketh Shall Receive."
870-879 The Woman Marries the Prince
870The Princess in the Underground Cave
871Princess and Ogress
872Brother, Sister and Sister-in-law
873The King Discovers his Unknown Son
874The Proud King is Won
875The Clever Peasant girl
876The Clever Maiden and the Suitors
877The Old Woman who was Skinned
879The Basil Maiden (The Sugar Puppet, Viola)
880-899 Proofs of FidelitY and Innocence
880The Man Boasts of his Wife
881Oft-proved Fidility
882The wager on the wife's chastity
884The forgotten fiancée
885The Poor Boy Betrothed to the Maiden
888The Faithful Wife
889The Faithful Servant
890The Pound of Flesh
891The Man Who Deserts his Wife and Sets Her the Task of Bearing Him a Child
892The children of the king
893The Unreliable Friends. (The HalfFriend).
896The Lecherous Holy Man and the Maiden in a Box
898The Daughter of the Sun
900-909 The Obstinate Wife Learns to Obey
900King Thrushbeard
901Taming of the Shrew
910-919 Good Precepts
910Precepts bought or given correct
915All depends on how you take it
916The brothers guarding the king's bedchamber and the snake
920-929 Clever Acts and Words
920The son of the king (Solomon) and of the smith
921The king and the peasant's son
922The king and the abbot
923Loving the Salt
924Discussion by sign language
925Tidings Brought to the King: You Said it, not I
926Judgment of Solomon
927Out-riddling the judge
928Planting for the Next Generation
930-949 Tales of Fate
930The Prediction
933Gregory on the Stone
935The Prodigal's Return
939The Offended Deity
940The Haughty Girl
945Luck and Intelligence. Which is More Powerful?
947The Man Followed by Bad Luck
949The Faithful Servitor
950-969 Robbers and Murderers
952The King and the Soldier
953The Old Robber Relates Three Adventures
954The Forty Thieves
955The Robber Bridegroom
956Robbers' Heads Cut Off by One as They Enter House
957The Bear Chases the Robbers
958The Shepherd Youth in the Robbers' Power
960The Sun Brings All to Light
961Conqueror of Robber Discovers his Money-Stick
962The girl who played with the bread
964Thief (Murderer) Deceived into Betraying himself by a Gesture
968Miscellaneous Robber and Murder Stories
969Tchoupi : SaberTooth fighter
970-999 Other Realistic Tales
976Which was the Noblest Act?
977The Eloping Couple and the Robbers
978The Youth in the Land of the Cheaters
980Old Grandfathers and Their Grandsons
981The Killing of Old Men
982Ungrateful Heirs
983The Dishes of the Same Flavor
985Brother Chosen Rather than Husband or Son
986The Lazy Husband
987False Magician Exposed by Clever Girl
990Revived from Apparent Death by a Grave-Robber
992The Eaten Heart

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