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1365: The obstinate wife

      1350-1439 Stories about Married Couples

            1200-1999 ANECDOTES AND JOKES


1365A: Wife Falls into a Stream

The husband searches for his drowned wife upstream. She is too obstinate to go with the current. [T255.2].

1365A,: The Contrary Wife

1365B: Cutting with the Knive or the Scissors

At the end of the argument the man throws his wife into the water. With her finger she makes the motion of shearing with the scissors. [T255.1].

1365C: The wife insults the husband as a lousy-head

Een vrouw scheldt haar man altijd uit voor luizenknipper. Hij duwt haar onder water. Zinkende maakt zij met één hand nog een knippende beweging [T255.3].


1365 Asbjørnsen & Moe / George Dasent 1859 Norway English Goody Gainst-the-stream

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