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1525: The master thief

      1525-1639 The Clever Man

            1525-1724 Stories about a Man

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1525: The robber brothers

1525A: Stealing the Count's Horse, Sheet, and Parson

1525B: The Horse Stolen

The man pretends to show how the horse can be stolen. Really leads it away. [K341.8]. Cf. Types 1540, 1542.

1525C: The Traveller Watches the Man Fishing in the Street

Meanwhile the latter's confederates rob the traveler's wagon. [K341.11].

1525D: Theft by Distracting Attention

The ram is stolen when the thief distracts attention from himself (a) by laying out shoes separately (saber and sheath, knife and fork); the owner finds one and then searches for the other [K341.6], or (b) by apparently hanging himself in the woods…

1525E: The Thieves and their Pupil

They take turns in stealing from each other [K306]. In this way the pupil becomes the final winner [L142.1].

1525J: Thieves Cheated of their Booty

Trickster steals the goods. [K335.1].

1525K: Ubiquitous Beggar

In disguise obtains alms three times from the same person. [K1982].

1525M: Mak and the Sheep

Stolen sheep dressed as baby in cradle, so that thief may escape detection. [K406.2].

1525N: The Two Thieves Trick Each Other

Cf. 1525E, 1532. I. The Exchange of Spurious Articles. (Example: one man has a pot of sand covered with ghi, the other a brass ring covered with gold. They exchange.) [J1516]. II. The Jobs Exchanged. One has to tend an unmanageable cow, the other to…

1525Q: The Two Thieves Married to the Same Woman

Two thieves are married to (are courting) the same woman. She promises to be the wife of the one who is the cleverest thief. Contest in thievery.


1525 Asbjørnsen & Moe / George Dasent 1859 Norway English The Master Thief

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