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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

312: The Bluebeard

      300-399 Supernatural Adversaries

            300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

The brother rescues his sisters. See analysis of Type 311 (I a, b, c; II; III a) for introduction.The youngest sister threatened with death for disobedience asks respite for prayer. Her brother with the aid of animals kills the ogre (cf. Type 300)…


312A: The Brother Rescues His Sister from the Tiger.

I. A Man Promises his Daughter to a Tiger. (a) Rash vow spoken in anger. (b) Tiger carries load of wood for man in forest and demands his daughter in payment. (c) Tiger comes in guise of man and marries girl. Or (d) Tiger threatens the man. II. The…

312B: Two Sisters Carried off by a Diabolic Being

Two Sisters Carried off by a Diabolic Being and condemned to perish, are rescued through the intervention of divine beings.

312C: Devil's Bride Rescued by Brother.

Devil's Bride Rescued by Brother. Frequently with his dogs. Cf.Type 425*

312D: Brother Saves his Sister and Brothers from the Dragon.

The sister has been carried off by the dragon (raven, etc.). The elder brothers look for her and perish; the youngest saves his sister and revives his brothers. Cf. Type 550.


312 Charles Perrault / Andrew Lang 1889 France English Blue Beard
312 Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 1812 Germany German Blaubart
312 Giuseppe Pitrè / Thomas Frederick Crane 1885 Italy English Don Firriulieddu

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