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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

313: The Magic Flight

      300-399 Supernatural Adversaries

            300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

The Magic Flight. From the ogre's house. The fugitives throw magic objects behind them which become mountains, wood, or sea; or they change themselves into various animals or objects.


313A: The Girl as a Helper in the Hero's Flight

The Girl as Helper of the hero on his flight. The youth has been promised to the devil. See analysis: I; II b, c, (d); III.

313B: The Forbidden Box

The same, introduced by The Forbidden Box in which a magic castle is hidden. (This introduction is Type 222, War of Birds and Quadrupeds + Type 537, The Marvelous Eagle Gives the Hero a Box which he must not Open.) See analysis I d; II; III; IV.

313C: The Forgotten Fiancée

The same, followed by the episode of The Forgotten Fiancée. See analysis: I; II; III; IV; V; VI.


313A Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 1812 Germany German Die Wassernixe
313H,510A Alexander Afanasyev ???? Russia English Baba Yaga
313 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Lu Re di Spagna
313 Francesc Maspons Labrós 1871 Spain Catalan Lo castell del sol
313 Francesc Maspons Labrós 1871 Spain Catalan Blancaflor
313 Fernán Caballero 1877 Spain Spanish Una promesa

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