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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

34: The Wolf Dives into the Water for Reflected Cheese

      1-69 The Clever Fox (Other Animal)

            1-99 Wild Animals

                  1-299 ANIMAL TALES

The wolf and the fox think the reflection of the moon in the water is a cheese. The fox lowers the wold into the water, the wolf fall into the water and the cheese disappears.


34A: Dog Drops his Meat for the Reflection

Crossing the stream with the meat in his mouth he sees his reflection; thinking it another dog with meat he dives for it and loses his meat.

34B: The Wolf Drinks Water to Get Cheese

Fox puts stopper in him to keep water from escaping but takes it out when they come to a tavern.


34A Jean de La Fontaine 1668 France French Le Chien qui l√Ęche sa proie pour l'ombre

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