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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

407: The Flower Girl

      400-424 Wife

            400-459 Supernatural or Enchanted Wife (Husband) or Other Relative

                  300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

A maiden is transformed into a flower [D212]. A man breaks a stalk of the flower and she becomes human again [D711.4]. He takes her as his wife [T101]. Cf. Type 652.


407A: The Bayberry Child

Because of hasty wish of a barren mother she bears a bayberry. Eventual disenchantment and marriage to prince (as in Type 409A).

407B: The Devil's (Dead Man's) Mistress

Her mother, father, brother and sister die; to be rid of her supernatural husband, she, too, dies. From her grave a flower springs up which changes into a girl. The prince (gentleman) rescues the girl from her former lover and weds her.


407 Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm / Margaret Hunt 1884 Germany English A riddling tale
407 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Rosamarina

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