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465: Man persecuted for his beautiful wife

      460-499 Supernatural Tasks

            300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

I. Obtaining the Beautiful Wife. (a) The hero steals the clothing of a bathing girl (swan maiden) and gives them back only if she will marry him [D361.1, K1335], or (b) he receives his wife from God. II. The Tasks. (a) The envious king covets the…


465A: The Quest for the Unkown

The King desires a man's wife and order his to search for the unknown

465B: The Quest for the Living Harp

The King desires a man's wife and order him to search for the living harp

465C: A Journey to the Other World

The King desires a man's wife and order him to bring something back from another world

465D: Animal Brothers Help the Hero

They steal the clothes of a bathing girl (cf. Swan Maiden). Tasks: (a) To bring the tiger's milk; (b) The hero's bull, etc., must fight the king's animals. The youth's helpers perform the tasks; or the king is overcome and the youth becomes king. See…


936*,465 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Dammi lu velu!

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