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516: The Petrified Friend

      500-559 Supernatural Helpers

            300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

The picture of the princess. She is carried off on a ship. The conversation of the ravens. The true servant transformed to stone. Brought back to life. I. The Prince Falls in Love. (a) A prince becomes enamored of a faraway princess by seeing her…


516A: The Sign Langauge of the Princess

I. The Friends. A prince and a youth of lower rank (vizier's son, etc.) are close friends. (a) The Old Woman as Trouble-Maker [M301.2.1, T12]; (this element appears sometimes as a separate tale). (b) For other false reasons the prince commands that…

516C: St. James of Galicia

Amicus and Amelius. To carry out the vow of parents who have prayed for a child [T548.1] the hero goes to a shrine accompanied by a man who has chosen the smallest of three apples offered [H1558.0.1.1.]. At court the king poisons the companion. He is…


516 Giambattista Basile ???? Italy English The Raven
516 Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm / Margaret Hunt 1884 Germany English Faithful John
516 Александр Афанасьев 1855 Russia Russian Кощей Бессмертный
516 Александр Афанасьев 1855 Russia Russian Кощей Бессмертный

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