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700: Tom Thumb

      700-749 Other Tales of the Supernatural

            300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

Plowing. The king buys the boy. In thieves' company. In the belly of the cow and of the wolf. Cf. Type 327B. I. The Hero's Birth. A childless couple wish for a child, however small he may be; they have a boy the size of a thumb [F535.1.]. II. His…


Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 1812 Germany German Daumesdick
Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 1812 Germany German Daumerlings Wanderschaft
Asbjørnsen & Moe / George Dasent 1859 Norway English Thumbikin
Amhlaoibh Ó Loingsigh 1966 Ireland Irish An Garsún gur Dhein Gaiscíoch de

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