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875: The Clever Peasant girl

      870-879 The Woman Marries the Prince

            850-999 REALISTIC TALES

Through the proof of her cleverness she becomes the king's wife. He becomes angry and banishes her. She takes him home with her as her dearest possession. I. The Clever Daughter. (a) A peasant finds a golden mortar in a field and against the advice…


875A: Girl's Riddling Answer Betrays a Theft

The full moon and the thirtieth of the month. Prince sends servant to clever girl with a round tart, thirty cakes, and a capon, and asks her if it is full moon and the thirtieth of the month and if the cock has crowed in the evening. She replies that…

875ast: The Women of Weinsberg

875B: The Clever Girl and the King

For each impossible task [H1010] she gives countertasks [H951]. Cf 875 III.

875D: The Clever Girl at the End of the Journey

She explains enigmatic statements and actions encountered on the way [H586; for details see H586.1 H586.7]; succeeds in a contest in repartee and in performing impossible tasks. I. The Laughing Fish. (a) A (dried) fish laughs in the palace…

875E: The Unjust Decision: The Oil Press Gives Birth to a Colt

The Oil Press Gives Birth to a Colt [J1191]. A traveler ties his mare to an oilman's mill. During the night the mare gives birth to a colt, The oilman claims it, saying the mill has given birth to the colt. The judge (a jackal) says he is late…


875 Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 1812 Germany German Die kluge Bauerntochter
875 Asbjørnsen & Moe 1841 Norway Norwegian Ikke kjørende og ikke ridende

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