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  Title Author / Translator Year Country
  The Enchanted Shoes Adolfo Coelho / Maarten Janssen 2014 Portugal
  Anansi in hunger Maarten Janssen 2014 Surinam
  Cuội and the Moon Nguyễn Đổng Chi / Koi Nil 2017 Vietnam
  Lion Share Abdulkhaliq Shikh-Osman / Maarten Janssen 2014 Somalia
  The Ant and the Snow Adolfo Coelho / Maarten Janssen 2014 Portugal
  The Blue Lily Fernán Caballero / Amanda Cibulka 2017 Spain
  The Cow, the Goat, the Sheep, and the Lion Phaedrus / Maarten Janssen 2014 Italy
  The gardiner and Death Jean Cocteau / Robert McConeghy 2016 France
  The Mouse Francesc Maspons Labrós / Jason F. Quackenbush, Esq. 2016 Spain
  The old man, the boy and the donkey Maarten Janssen 2014 Armenia
  The Rooster and the Hyena Charles Bailleul / Maarten Janssen 2014 Mali

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