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AuthorFudail Ibn Ayad
Language of origin[any]
Country of origin[any]

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Title Author / Translator Year Language Country
Cuando la muerte llegó a Bagdad Fudayl Ibn Ayad ???? Spanish
Ketika Maut Datang ke Bagdad Fudail Ibn Ayad ???? Indonesian
Kisah Nasib Fudail Ibn Ayad 8CAD
Quand la Mort vint à Bagdad Fudail Ibn Ayad ???? French
Quando la morte venne a Bagdad Fudail Ibn Ayad ???? Italian
Toen de Dood naar Bagdad kwam Fudail Ibn Ayad / Maarten Janssen 2014 Dutch
When Death Came to Baghdad Fudail Ibn Ayad ???? English
Когда смерть пришла в Багдад Фудайл Ибн Айад ???? Russian

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