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submitted byMaarten Janssen
Country of originSpain

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Title Author / Translator Year Language Country
The Knights of Fish Fernán Caballero / Andrew Lang 1904 English Spain
El llobu y la yegua Rosa María González 1984 Asturian Spain
El llobu y el raposu Rosa María González 1984 Asturian Spain
Ilay Liona sy ilay Voalavo unknown author ???? Malagasy Spain
O shagar thàj o kandoj unknown author ???? Balkan Romani Spain
El gahu i la zorra Esopu ???? Extremaduran Spain
The Ass and the Flute Tomás de Iriarte / Thomas Roscoe 1921 English Spain
La hormiga y la pulga Tomás de Iriarte 1782 Spanish Spain
De herder en de vos Maarten Janssen 2014 Dutch Spain
O pastor e o raposo unknown author ???? Galician Spain

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