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Author: Αἴσωπος

Original version in Ancient Greek

Country of origin: Greece

Story type: Dog Drops his Meat for the Reflection (ATU 34A)


Βαβρίας (Ancient Greek) - viewaligned

Syntipas (Ancient Greek) - viewaligned

Phaedrus (Latin) - viewaligned

R. M. Custodio (Tagalog) - viewaligned

Κύων κρέας φέρουσα


The original of this tale has been lost, or is not available in the database. There are many retellings of this tale, some of which are listed below.

Ancient Greek Κύων κρέας φέρουσα ???? Βαβρίας
Ancient Greek Κύων κρέας φέρων 1CBC Syntipas
Czech O psu a o kusu masa 1665 Václav Hollar
English The Dog and the Cheese ???? Marie de France
English The Dog and the Shadow 1867 George Fyler Townsend
English The Dog in the River 1887 Phaedrus / C. Smart
French Le Chien nageant. ???? Phaedrus
Latin Canis per fluvium carnem ferens 41 AD Phaedrus
Manx Yn Moddey as yn Scadoo 1901 Edward Faragher
Middle Dutch Den hont ende den bene 13CAD
Old French Dou Chiens et dou Foumaige 12CAD Marie de France
Rusyn О псові і кусочку мяса ????
Sicilian A cani chi purtava a carni ????
Slovak O psovi a kúsku mäsa ????
Welsh Y ci a’r cysgod. 1887 Gan Glan Alun

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