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Author: Αἴσωπος

Original version in Ancient Greek

Country of origin: Greece

Story type: Curing a Sick Lion (ATU 50)


Jean de La Fontaine (French) - viewaligned

Доситеј Обрадовић (Serbian) - viewaligned

unknown author (Tatar) - viewaligned

Λέων καὶ λύκος καὶ ἀλώπηξ.


The original of this tale has been lost, or is not available in the database. There are many retellings of this tale, some of which are listed below.

Dutch De oude leeuw, de wolf en de vos ????
English The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox 1867 George Fyler Townsend
English The Lion, Wolf, and Fox 1884 Jean de La Fontaine / Robert Thompson
French Le Lion, le Loup, et le Renard 1668 Jean de La Fontaine
Polish Lew, wilk i lis 1876 Jean de La Fontaine / Władysław Noskowski
Serbian Лав, курјак и лисац 1783 Доситеј Обрадовић
Sicilian U liuni, u lupu e a vurpi ????
Tatar Арыслан, Бүре, Төлке ????

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