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Author: Αἴσωπος

Original version in Ancient Greek

Country of origin: Greece


Pesti Gábor (Hungarian) - viewaligned

Ὄνος καὶ ἀλώπηξ καὶ λέων


The original of this tale has been lost, or is not available in the database. There are many retellings of this tale, some of which are listed below.

Dutch De ezel en de vos ????
English The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion 1867 George Fyler Townsend
Hungarian Az oroszlánról, szamárról és rókáról. 1536 Pesti Gábor
Manx Yn Assyl, yn Shynnagh as yn Lion 1901 Edward Faragher
Welsh Y llwynog a’r llew 1887 Gan Glan Alun

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