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Author: Alexander Afanasyev - 1855

Translated into English

Original title (Russian):
Балдак Борисьевич

Country of origin: Russia


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Baldak Borisevich

Alexander Afanasyev

In the glorious city of Kiev in the king met with Vladimir princes and nobles and knights on silnomoguchie pochestny feast. Vozgovoril Vladimir-king are the words:
- Goi naturally, my boys! Collect, sokoplyaytesya for single table.
Gathers for a single table, vpolsyta eats, vpolpitya get drunk, and vozgovoril Vladimir-king
- Who would have done a great service to me: go for miles and miles away, in the fairy kingdom, to the very Saltan Turkey - to lead his horse Goldrinn, vyshnichka purple, to kill a cat-Bahar, the most Saltan Turkish eyes care?
Choose good fellow Ilya Muromets, son Ivanovic. The king was the daughter of Vladimir beloved vozgovorit it are the words:
- Goi thou, my father, Vladimir-king! Hoshana boasts Ilya Muromets, son Ivanovich, do not render him this service! Let down, sir, pochestny feast, go and look at their degrees by tsar's tavern Mlada Baldaka, Borisevicha son, seven-year-old.
And the king listened to his daughter, went to look for Mlada Baldaka son Borisevicha, and found in a pub - sleeping under the bench. Poked it with the toe of Vladimir-king, on Baldak scotch from a dream, as though nothing had happened.
- Thou Goy, Vladimir-king! What I want?
At that answered Vladimir-king
- I beg you to pochestny feast.
- Do not I deserve to go pochestny feast, washed down with me in bars, under the feet lying around.
Vozgovorit him Vladimir-king are the words:
- When the call to the feast, we should go, you need to have a great.
And sends his young alike Baldak son Borisevich, from the tavern opposite way to the king's attics, and I de soon after you will.
Baldak remained alone in the pub, then freshen the nip green wine as needed, and went to the king Vladimir in attics bezdokladochno; Cross puts it in the Scriptures, the bow is in the scientist; worships on all sides, the tsar himself in Osobino:
- Hello, Mr-king! What I require?
Answers him Vladimir-king
- Thou Goy, Mladen Baldak son Borisevich! Served me a great service, Go far away, in the fairy kingdom to Saltan Turkish, taken away his horse Goldrinn, vyshnichka purple, kill the cat-Bahar, the most Saltan Turkish spit in the eye. Take with them to the people, how much power needed; take gold treasury as you like!
And young alike vozgovorit Baldak son Borisevich:
- Oh you goy art Thou, O king, Vladimir! Give me the strength to only twenty-nine fellows, and I myself will be the thirtieth.
Soon the tale told, but than done dispatched young alike Baldak son Borisevich, in the way of the path to the Saltan Turkish, get used to come into the midnight. Entered the saltansky yard, led the horse out of the stable Goldrinn, vyshnichka purple, grabbed the cat-Bahar, tore it in half, most Saltan eyes spat. And there was a Turkish Saltan favorite garden - three miles, every tree in the garden ponasazheny, all sorts of flowers produced. Mlad Baldak son Borisevich, ordered his companions, the twenty-nine fellows, the garden lay-cut, and he took out a light, so that fire burned all clean, but put thirty thin white canvas tents.
Raneshenko morning wakes up from sleep the Turkish Sultan, he had a first look at your favorite garden on, and as soon as look - see that all the trees chopped, povyzhzheny, and stand in the garden of thirty white canvas tents.
- Who is a hit with me - he thinks to himself - the king a prince, the prince or king, or silnomoguchy hero?
Cried with a loud voice here Saltan his favorite Turkish pasha, summons him vozgovorit is such a word:
- Is wrong in my kingdom! I was waiting for Russian culprit - Mlada Baldaka son Borisevicha, and now hit me ... Does the king prince, prince or king, or silnomoguchy hero? - That do not know, and how Swedan - you can imagine.
On that advice goes Saltan Turkish big daughter and said to her father:
- What do you recommend, and know you can not? Oh you, my dear Turkish Sultan! Give me your blessing order them to choose the whole kingdom twenty-nine girls to better them in glory was not! I myself will be thirty, I'll go to those canvas tents for the night and the night will reveal to you the culprit.
And then the father agreed, and she went to the tent with twenty-nine girls is better for their beauty throughout the kingdom was not. Went to her young alike Baldak son Borisevich, took her white hands and shouted in his loud voice:
- Hey you, well done, comrades! You take the maiden's hands, keep them to his tent, and you know - and then do it!
Slept with a single night, came back the next morning to his large Turkish Saltan daughter, said to him:
- Goi Thou, my dear sir! Order the white canvas tents of all thirty fellows to come to your house and I will show myself guilty.
At that time the Turkish Sultan sends to the tents of his favorite Pasha, to call him, demanded Mlada Baldaka son Borisevicha, with all his friends. Came out of the tents thirty fellows, all on one face, like my friends home, hair - the hair, the voice - a voice! And say after such a word:
- Go back, and we'll follow you soon!
Mlad Baldak son Borisevich uttered his guys:
- Is not there for me what icons? Inspect all
It turned on him: on his knees in gold, hands up to the elbows in silver.
- It is tricky, and I do not mean to raze! - Said Baldak and made all his friends the same icon: the guys on his knees legs in gold, his hands up to the elbows in silver, ordered them to wear gloves on his hands.
- How to Saltan'll pick the house without my orders take off your no!
That's when they came to the house of Saltan and delivers his daughter and learns a big culprit, Mlada Baldaka son Borisevicha. Tells her Baldak:
- How do you recognize me - on what evidence?
Saltanov Meets big daughter:
- Skin-ka with his feet but with boots glove: here I put the icon - on his knees in gold, hands up to the elbows in silver.
- Do we have these fellows do not exist? - And tells the young alike Baldak son Borisevich, his children:
- Skidavayte all with leg boots with gloved hands on!
What is the icon with him, and all of this will - in all quarters Hosea! A Turkish Sultan was good milosliv, on that his daughter did not poveroval:
- You're lying! I was one culprit hath need, and now you think all thirty were!
Turkish Sultan ordered:
- Get out all out!
After more zakruchinilsya, more zapechalilsya and again began to think of his favorite pashoyu advise how to find them guilty? At the exit of the second council Saltanov daughter and said Turkish Saltan:
- Let me, sir, twenty-nine girls, and I myself will thirties, go with them to the white linen tents, spend the night in the tents of a single night, and tell you a culprit
No sooner said than done. Morning calls Mlada Baldaka Turkish Sultan, son Borisevicha in house to themselves, and calls him and his friends plow through their favorite. Responsible Baldak continues:
- Go back, and we will soon!
As soon left Pasha, Mladen Baldak shouted in his loud voice:
- Get out of my tent mates, twenty-nine fellows, look, if there is to me what icons?
Once all of the tents pop up and saw him on the head golden hair. Vozgovorit young alike Baldak son Borisevich:
- It is tricky, and I do not mean raze it!
Made all fellows, as well as at home, golden hair, and told to put caps on the lush head:
- How will the wards at Saltan Turkish, without my orders take off your no!
How soon became young alike Baldak son Borisevich with their comrades in the House saltanskie - said there Saltan his middle daughter:
- Find out, dear daughter, who - the culprit?
And she probably knows - by the same one that slept with him a single night, goes straight to Mladen Baldaku and says:
- Here is the culprit!
Responds to a young alike Baldak son Borisevich:
- How much do you have to admit - on what evidence?
- Take off his hat from his head, then I made an icon - the hair of gold.
- And do we have these fellows do not happen! - And young alike Baldak ordered all his children to throw hats off Proclaim their golden hair - in all quarters Hosea! Sultan was angry at her second daughter:
- Wrong yours! I was one culprit hath need, and do you think all were! - And ordered:
- Get out of the chambers of a minute away!
Even louder zapechalilsya-zakruchinilsya Turkish Sultan, published a third, smaller daughter and blasphemes two older sisters, and she begs her father:
- Courtesy of my father! I order them to choose twenty-nine girls - to their best throughout the whole kingdom was not, and I myself will thirties and you know the culprit.
Petition for his youngest daughter was Saltan. She went to the same tent night sleep. Then jumped young alike Baldak son Borisevich from his tent, takes his daughter to the Saltan's white hands and leads to him: and his fellows cried with a loud voice:
- Take a minute, boys, girls red on the hands but lead to his tent.
The night that night, and the girls went home the next morning. Sultan sends a good youth his favorite Pasha. Ambassador is a white linen tents, beckoning Mlada Baldaka with comrades in the House to the very Saltan Turkish.
- Go back, and we'll follow you soon!
Vozgovorit young alike Baldak son Borisevich, his companions:
- Well, boys, look, whether on me what icons?
May search everywhere, everywhere looked - could not find it.
- Ah, my friends, I can see now dead! - And became young alike Baldak ask that serve him with the last one.
Gave them to eye on saber and told to keep on clothing:
- What sign will file - Ruby on all sides!
How soon before they came Saltan Turkish, made it smaller daughter, said Mladen Baldaka:
- Here it is, the culprit is! He has under the thumb of a gold star.
And for those speeches meaning beneath his fifth gold star. Turkish Sultan banished from their houses all twenty-nine fellows, leaving one culprit - Mlada Baldaka son Borisevicha and shouted at him in a loud, booming voice:
- How to take you, I will put on one hand so the other prihlopnu - only mokrenkie be!
Answers him Baldak young alike:
- Thou Goy, the Turkish Sultan! Fear thee kings princes, kings, and the king's son silnomoguchie heroes, and I, a seven-year boy, am not afraid: you stole a horse Goldrinn, vyshnichka purple, killed a cat-Bahar, you Saltan, spit in the eye, and even chopped-povyzheg your favorite garden!
Enraged for evermore more than the Sultan ordered his servants, to put on the area of ​​the two pillars of oak, maple bar, and the bar on the cook three loops: the first silk, hemp another, third lychanuyu, and let us know throughout the city for all, both small and great, going to the area to watch will be executed Russian culprit.
Turkish Sultan himself sat in a light wagon, took him less loved Pasha and his daughter, opened a culprit, and Mlada Baldaka tied, handcuffed, his feet planted, and went straight to the oak posts. The road here has got any young alike Baldak speech:
- Be the puzzles I think, and you, the Turkish Sultan, guessed. Good horse goes on the tail dragging?
- Do not fool are you? - Posted Saltan. - A horse with a tail and the light is born.
Drive a little, said again Baldak:
- Front wheel driven horse, and the rear postal hell is?
- What a fool! Ready to death crazy, in the words lie like a gas meter! Master four wheels made - four and roll.
Came to the area and went out of the carriage, took the guilty, unleashed, uninhibited, led to the gallows.
Mlad Baldak son Borisevich, crossed in all directions and bowed vozgovoril loud voice:
- Thou Goy, the Turkish Sultan! Not order execution, order utter a word.
- Say what?
- I have batyushkino podarenitse, Matushkina blessing - playing horn. Command the last time when I play him, amuse yourself and you have fun.
- Play the game for the last time!
Mlad Baldak played merry - all clouded mind, gazed at him, heard, forgotten - why they had come, at Saltan language does not move. Heard the horn twenty-nine fellows, went to the back row and let people whip swords pricked. Mlad Baldak long played until well done, his comrades, not flogged by all the people, until they came to the gallows.
Here young alike Baldak son Borisevich, left to play and said Saltan Turkey last word:
- Did not you fool! Turn around a minute, have a look back: my geese peck your wheat!
Turkish Sultan turned around - all the people beaten, lying on the ground, and only three of them remained at the gallows: Sultan himself and his daughter so beloved Pasha. Mlad Baldak ordered his fellows Saltan hang in a loop of silk, loved his plow in hemp, and a smaller daughter lychanuyu. So his work finished and went into the glorious city of Kiev Vladimir the tsar himself.