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Author: Αἴσωπος

Original version in Ancient Greek

Country of origin: Greece

Story type: The Stag Admires Himself in a Spring (ATU 77)


Βαβρίας (Ancient Greek) - viewaligned

Syntipas (Ancient Greek) - viewaligned

Jean de La Fontaine (French) - viewaligned

Ἔλαφος ἐπὶ νάματος καὶ λέων


The original of this tale has been lost, or is not available in the database. There are many retellings of this tale, some of which are listed below.

Ancient Greek Ἔλαφος ἐπὶ νάματος καὶ λέων ???? Βαβρίας
Ancient Greek Ἔλαφος ἐπὶ νάματι καὶ θηρευταί 1CBC Syntipas
French Le Cerf se voyant dans l'eau 1668 Jean de La Fontaine
Korean 연못가의 수사슴 ????
Sicilian U shervu na funti e u liuni ????

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