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Author: Αἴσωπος

Original version in Ancient Greek

Country of origin: Greece


Петко Славейков (Bulgarian) - viewaligned

Phaedrus (Latin) - viewaligned

Доситеј Обрадовић (Serbian) - viewaligned

Ἀετὸς καὶ ἀλώπηξ


The original of this tale has been lost, or is not available in the database. There are many retellings of this tale, some of which are listed below.

Bulgarian Орел и лисица 1852 Петко Славейков
Dutch De arend en de vos ????
English The Eagle and the Fox 1881
English The Fox and Eagle 1887 Phaedrus / C. Smart
French Le Renard et l'Aigle. ???? Phaedrus
Latin Vulpes et Aquila 41 AD Phaedrus
Serbian Орао и лисица 1783 Доситеј Обрадовић
Welsh Yr eryr a’r llwynog 1887 Gan Glan Alun

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