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Author: Aesop

Translated into English
  by George Fyler Townsend - 1867

Source: Aesop's Fables (nr. 127)

Based on Κάλαμος καὶ ἐλαία

Country of origin: Greece


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The Oak and the Reeds

Aesop / George Fyler Townsend

A VERY LARGE OAK was uprooted by the wind and thrown across a stream. It fell among some Reeds, which it thus addressed: "I wonder how you, who are so light and weak, are not entirely crushed by these strong winds." They replied, "You fight and contend with the wind, and consequently you are destroyed; while we on the contrary bend before the least breath of air, and therefore remain unbroken, and escape." Stoop to conquer.