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Author: unknown author

Translated into English
  by Maarten Janssen - 2014

Original title (Armenian):
կ ծերուկի,տղայի և ավանակի մասին

Country of origin: Armenia


English - aligned

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The old man, the boy and the donkey

Maarten Janssen

Once an old man and a boy were traveling with a donkey. The boy was walking next to the donkey and the old man sat on on top of it. When they we were passing through a small village, people started yelling at them:

"Look at this old man exploiting this poor young boy. What a shame!"

When they passed through the village, the old man said: "We had better change place, for other people will hurt and offend us in the next village.

They changed place so that the old man walked next to the donkey and the boy sat on top. But in the next village, they got yelled at once again:

"Look at this selfish boy who has no respect for the elderly, he does not even let the old man sit on the donkey!"

After that, they decided to dismount, and walk through the next village. But once again, people were yelling at them:

"Look at those two fools: they have a donkey but they prefer to go on foot!"

After that, the old man stopped for a moment, contemplated and came to the conclusion:

"No matter what you do, there is always someone criticising you."